Speciality Biostimulants

Duranato (Photosynthesis Mimic)

Duranto is a system of ‘’artificial photosynthesis’’ or ‘’minmicking photosynthesis’’. In Duranto, we use nanoparticles to not only replicate this process but improve its efficiency.

This photosynthetic pigment Duroanto captures the energy form sunlight and converts it and stores it and stores it in the energy-storage molecules ATP and NADPH while freeing oxygen from water. Thus, it promote metabolism, refulgence enzyme system and stimulate plants in multiple way.

DOSAGE & APPLICATION: – 100-150 ml per acre(15ml/ pump)

JA63 (Nano Bio Stimulant)

JA 63, a new generation certified bio organic 4th Generation nano PGR which is a high energy, broad – Spectrum and breakthrough YIELD ENHANCING SYSTEM. It is a lates discovery in PGR group using of most modern and high-tech extraction process in the world. – Super Critical (CO2) Extraction Technology.

It works at cell and mitochondria level to boost up entire plant system to for maximum gene expression and ACHIEVE 100% yield potential. REJUVENATE plant by enhancing enzymatic plant function. INCREASE the content of chlorophyll, protein, nucleic acid in plant, thus ACCELARATE photosynthesisis.

DOSAGE & APPLICATION: SL: 10to12ml/acre(2ml/pump), SP: 10-12g/acre(2g/pump), CAPSULES : 10-12 capsules/acre (2capsules/pump)

Wonder Plus (Multi functional yield Enhancer)

Wonder Plus is FLAGHIP product of amazonEEma launched in 1997. It is designed and targeted specifically to improve quantity and quality of yield.

Wonder Plus increase metals assimilation, chlorophyll and anthocyanin concentration in plant. Wonder Plus stimulates and participates in enzymatic processes and protein sunthesis in plant improve nutrient uptake and microbial activity. It also prevent yellowing and browning of plant by increasing photosynthesis and nitrogen fixing, stops falling of leaves, flowers and fruits before its maturity. As a result, Increase yield and quality of all field crops, vegetables and fruits.

DOSAGE & APPLICATION : 20-30 ml per acre (5 ml per pump for small application )