Rubber latex product / Folly cathetors

Foley Balloon Catheters

Foley Balloon Catheters have been carefully made and 100% inspection is carried on each product manufactures at Medevis to ensure that the shaft, tips, lateral eyes are smooth and burr free, strength and symmetricity of balloon, flow rate of drainage lumen, integrity of non-return valve caters the best possible performance measures and the highest degree of comfort to patients while in use. Medevis optimize the use of high quality medical grade raw materials, state of the art infrastructure and compliance to standards ensuring trauma-free catheterization to the end user.

Special Features

  • Symmetric balloon
  • Elliptical side eye
  • Maximum flow rate
  • Trauma-free catheterization
  • Colour-coded valve & sleeve
  • Silicone coated
  • EO Sterilized

Product Information

Material Natural Rubber Latex, Siliconised Coating
Colour Golden Yellow
Sterilization Ethylene Oxide
Labeling Shall comply with the corresponfing labelling specification (as per ISO 15223) and customer requirement.
Shelf Life 5 years from the date of manufacture.
Storage condition Shall be stored in cool and dry place and away from direct light.
Quality Standard EN 1616
Fr Colour Code
6 * Brown
8 * Black
10 * Grey
12 White
14 Green
16 Orange
18 Red
20 Yellow
22 Violet
24 Blue
26 Pink
28 Brown
30 Black
  * Paediatric Sizes
Pediatric Catheter
Size in Fr 6Fr 18 Fr – 10 Fr
Balloon Capacity 1.5 ml 3-5 ml
Length Approx. 30 cm
Two Way
Size in Fr 12 – 14 Fr 16 – 24 Fr 26 – 30 Fr
Balloon Capacity 5 – 15 ml, 15 – 30 ml 5 – 15 ml, 30 – 50 ml & 30 ml 30 – 50 ml & 30 ml
Length Approx. 40 cm
Three Way
Size in Fr 16, 18, 20, 24, 26, 28 & 30
Balloon Capacity 30 ml & 30 – 50 ml
Length Approx. 40 cm

Male incontinence devices

Landmark male incontinence device serves as a partial alternative to catheterization. It can be used as a replacement for catheters in many cases, by males who have lost control over urination or by those who need urinate frequently. It can also be used by bed-ridden patients, high way drivers, golf players, during fishing, people who work for scaffolding. It’s simple and easy-to-use design ensures that end users can use it without expert assistance.

Male incontinence device is very comfortable to use, being a sheath made of soft, comfortable rubber that provides a snug fit without constriction. It is flexible enough to accommodate changes in penis size during use. Medevis provides an individual adhesive strip made of poly urethane (PU) foam with every catheter which is also flexible and has stretchable properties to accommodate changes in penis size while in use.

Special Features

  • Comfortable, easy to use, one piece catheter
  • Provides snug fit without constriction
  • It is provided with an individual adhesive foam tape with every catheter

Product information

  • Material: Natural Rubber Latex
  • Colour: Pale Yellow, the colour may vary due to storage time and conditions
  • Sterilization: Non Sterile
  • Labelling: Shall comply with the corresponding labelling specification (as per ISO 15223) and customer requirement.
  • Shelf Life: 3 years from the date of manufacture
  • Storage condition: Shall be stored in cool and dry place and away from direct light.

Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large