Landmark Healthcare and Amazon Medical Group – ‘Dedication to Innovation’ added one more feather in its Cap – ‘Mouth Dissolving Strips’ – An Innovative Drug Delivery Solution for Lingual, Sub Lingual and Buccal for Rapid Action. It surpasses the contemporary standards for oral drug delivery dosage form, making it relevant for all healthcare environments, meaningful for all patient groups, and with the assurance of precision dosing and fast onset of action.

These fast-dissolving formulated strips simplify the medication process with fast on-set action and hence makes it suitable for all age groups & therapeutic.

Pharmaceutical Industry wide collaborations for new Drug Delivery System formulations in form of MDS will create a win-win scenario for the Pharmaceutical/ Nutraceuticals companies. Using MDS technology will help the companies boost their market share and revenue growth. It will make it easier for the doctors and consumers as they opt for the effortless drug delivery solutions to extend quick relief.