Hygienic Care

Hygienic Care

Hygienic Care

Protective Face Shield


Frame: A Grade polypropylene with EVA foam liner for forehead with attached poly knitted elastic band.
Shield :300 Micron Clear PET sheet.
Weight: 78 grams.


  1. Completely covers the eyes,nose andmouth.
  2. Can be used in combination with protective goggles and masks.
  3. Anti-scratch and impact resistant shield.
  4. Convenient and comes with anelastic adjustable band.
  5. Can be easily washed with any alcohol based sanitiser and reused.


  • All Doctors & Nurses
  • Airline Crew & Staff
  • Police Personnel
  • Frontline Health workers & Paramedics
  • Municipal staff
  • Front office receptionists
  • Counter sales force